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At Steelhomes our team is the source to our success. Our strategy for efficiency has been based upon developing strong relationships with our Directors, Associates, Clients and Investors.

Our leadership team is made up of industry veterans with decades of construction, manufacturing, marketing-sales and real estate experience, who are driven professionals committed to the empowerment of our goals and the utmost success of every project.

Leadership Team:


Alfredo F. Rodriguez is the Founder, President, and CEO of STEELHOMES™. He is also President and CEO of AceroHomes building large scale proyects for several Latin American countries- a Steel Framing Company that specializes in Light Gauge Steel Construction Technology, using the most advanced system in modern construction. He is responsible for running all facets of the businesses.

Alfredo has a proven executive management track record and over 20 years of experience, driving sales growth in the construction and technology industry. Achieving International and Domestic Corporate goals.

Prior to joining STEELHOMES™, Alfredo was CEO for Eastern Fianacial Home Loans; dba/ Pacific Direct Lending and Pacific Realty, responsible for all global operations of the company. At EFHL and Pacific Realty he led the transformation into an enterprise-focused company while growing sales 50% year after year. The company started with one office and grew to more than 40 offices in the USA and South America.

Previously, he served in his native country of Venezuela as a Chief Operations Officer of Industrias Cartoprint where he led the design and implementation of the manufacturing plant, marketing and daily operations.

He is the inventor and holds the pending patent on the structural panel “EcoWall Panel”. He also created Stop Fire Foam and Eccoboards-Aceromax.

Alfredo earned a Law Degree and BA in Business at the University of Santa Maria, Venezuela.



From a young age, Herman was actively involved in the commercial activities of family businesses. He collaborated in diverse food industries and participated for many years, in management and administrative activities. His involvement in these business activities helped him build his entrepreneurial spirit.

His entrepreneurial spirit and creativity along with innovative strategies enabled him to develop successful companies in both the Food and Music Industries. He has been the largest distributor and supplier of music in his home country of Venezuela for several years.

In 1978 he founded a prominent bottled water company in the City of Palm Beach, Florida.

Since establishing his residency in the United States, he has focused on sponsoring real estate properties internationally. During the last 10 years he has teamed with prominent developers in the cities of Miami, New York and Panama, to develop both commercial and residential properties. He has also created and directed business offices Venezuela, Panama, Costa Rica, Madrid (Spain), Montreal (Canada) and Miami, Florida (USA).

Recently he has focused on markets in Central and South America including Venezuela, Ecuador, and Bolivia. His market focus also includes Canada, where he advises investors in the purchase of real estate and assists them in purchasing businesses in order to obtain residencies and visas.

Herman received a Bachelor in Social Communications, from University Catholic Andres Bello in the city of Caracas, Venezuela.



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