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STEELHOMES™ is a manufacturing plant in the United States applying an ALTERNATIVE proprietary technology in SIP (Structured Insulated Panel) model of construction for affordable housing in galvanized steel framed structures (Residential & Commercial) targeted for the United States and countries with emerging economies.

The technology used for the development of our products is based on the substitution of wood and concrete block for lightweight galvanized steel as a fundamental element of our construction and can add any type of finish that is required, minimizing the complex and costly additional labor construction, Steelhomes is a fully integrated organic products using Eco Wall Panel, Acerorock to create our structures because with the use of our products there is a reduction in the creation the industrial pollutant of CO2, we use better quality controls, time savings in production and project execution. Steelhomes full construction process is in a controlled environments in which the environment cannot affect construction time and structures, since, the product only comes out of our facility once they are fully weatherproof.

Under the growth and recruitment of new projects for 2015, the company is in need of expanding its production capacity and therefore, is moving from its current factory located in the City of Hialeah to new large location in the City of Opa Locka. The STEELHOMES project involves the expansion of our manufacturing plant in the State of Florida specifically in the area of ​​Opa-Locka, to develop a facility of 8,000 square meters (80,000 square feet),

Note that the estimate for the development of the plant expansion will cost seven million US dollars ($ 7,000,000) for a total of 14 investors needed. A fantastic opportunity because it will only be a small about of investors.

The Company which was established to be a new advanced house integration industrialization company on the premises of vigorously advocating new architecture formats, with a strong focus on environment protection and steel structures.

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