Steelhomes and the Direct EB5 Program
The BEST investment opportunity to become an American Resident



The EB5 visa was created by the Congress of the United States to encourage foreign investment, granting resident status to foreigners and their immediate family, providing capital funds for the creation and development of new business ventures that could eventually benefit the U.S. economy.

The EB-5 program allows foreigners to obtain permanent residency as an investor.
Under Section 203(b)(5) of the Immigration Act, immigrant visas are available to qualified foreign individuals seeking permanent resident status on the basis of an investment of capital in a new commercial enterprise which qualifies under the EB-5 Program.
The EB-5 Program provides for the issuance of conditional or temporary (i.e., 8-24 months) green cards to a qualified foreign investor and its family that invests a minimum of $500,000.00 (U.S.) in a new commercial enterprise that creates at least ten (10) full-time permanent direct jobs for each investment for United States workers.
the EB5 DIRECT is an entity that is already in operation and can hire the additional jobs required to obtain the residence IMMEDIATELY, shortening the timing by the USCIS, the process to obtain the green card.

The EB-5 Visa Allows You to Live Permanently in the United States
The U.S. EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program (“EB-5 Program”) is the most flexible immigration program in the world. The U.S. has no requirements with respect to age, business training and experience or language skills. Permanent residents need not be continuously and physically present in the United States, and they can maintain business and professional relations in their country of origin.

Why Choose an EB-5 Visa?
The EB-5 visa is an immigrant visa, open to all nationalities, granting the qualifying applicant permanent resident status, commonly known as having a “Green Card“.
Permanent resident status carries with it many benefits of which investors would want to avail themselves. A Green Card holder can petition for permanent resident status for his spouse and children under the age of 21. It removes employment restrictions, allowing the investor to work in any field he/she desires, as well as making him/her eligible for social security upon retirement. It makes international travel simpler, as an I-94 is no longer required upon entering the country. It allows foreign national homeowners to apply for homestead exemption and realize significant tax savings. Essentially, becoming a permanent resident affords the Green Card holder all the rights and benefits of American citizenship except voting rights. If the investor desires, permanent residents may apply for naturalization (citizenship) after five years.


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