Steelhomes and the Direct EB5 Program
The BEST investment opportunity to become an American Resident


Steelhomes, will serve as the manager, on the project known as the Prefabricated Housing Manufacturing Project. STEELHOMES™ will apply to the Investment Partnership for working capital loans to provide capital for the development of the expansion project. The investment involves the expansion of our manufacturing factory to increase production capacity and development of new products, our company was approved by the UCIS to collect $ 7,000,000.00 (seven million) with a total of 14 investors.


STEELHOMES is a factory that is currently in operation with its own capital investment of over $3,000,000.00 (3 Million)

Investors will automatically become Class A Preferred partners of the company until capital is returned

The qualification of an EB5 Direct is more convenient than a regional centers EB5

There are very few Direct EB5 throughout the country, making it very unique

Obtaining residency is much faster because, STEELHOMES is already in operation and able to recruit new jobs immediatly

Capital return of 3% interest in the contribution


The developer and owner of the Prefabricated Housing Manufacturing Project will be SteelHomes, LLC (“STEELHOMES™”), a Florida corporation, which will borrow investor funds from Foreign National Investors.


The mission of Steelhomes, is to obtain funding for development of profitable ventures within Targeted Employment Areas (TEAs) located within the geographical area of the manufacturing plant (Opa Locka). Such projects are projected to include Prefabricated Metal Building, construction, manufacturing, and other facilities in the Region. A letter from the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity confirms that the project site is located in Miami-Dade County Census Tract 5.05, which qualifies as a TEA.

Specifically, the Company plans to expand, and operate a Manufacturing and Warehouse Facility in Opa Locka, Florida (the Prefabricated Housing Manufacturing Project). Further details of this project can be found in the “Prefabricated Housing Manufacturing Project” section of the Confidential Business Review (Available upon request).



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