Step 1 - (Month 1) You can request information to a representative of EB 5 directly or via the Internet through our website. As we begin processing your EB 5 is assigned a file number.

Step 2 - It will send a project description, wire transfer instructions, a Reservation Agreement and a Personal Questionnaire.

Step 3 - You will be asked to submit your initial deposit of $ 40,000 to retain your reservation to a trust account ("Trust Account") and its confirmation by the signatures of the Reservation Agreement and Subscription Agreement.

Step 4 - You will receive a questionnaire, a Numbered Offering Memorandum, and an Operating Agreement for review, signature, and return.

Step 5 - Once your application is processed and accepted, your reservation deposit and fees become non-refundable. You deposit your $ 500,000 investment in a trust account ("Trust Account") in the selected bank within 30 days to enter your file at USCIS.

Step 6 - (Month 5) You will receive notification of approval of Conditional Resident Visa in the U.S. (Green Card) approximately 3 to 4 months after your application has been introduced in USCIS

Step 7 - (Month 9) Conclusion of consular processing or adjustment of status in the U.S. (You can work in the U.S., enrolling children in public schools)

Step 8 - (Month 24) They submit an application to the Immigration Department to remove the conditions of their temporary resident visa in the U.S. (Green Card or Green Card)

Step 9 - (Month 30) You and your qualified family will receive Permanent Resident Visa in the U.S. (green card or Green Cardpermanente). (The investor will receive from the corporacionlos title to their units).

Step 10 - (Month 64) You may apply for U.S. Citizenship

( All this times are approximated )

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