How can you apply for EB-5?

Investors interested should contact us at our offices. They will gladly answer all your questions and we will provide all necessary materials to inform and to guide you through the first steps.

Do i need to speak English ?


Do i have to have good health ?


What are the medical restrictions for EB-5 applicants?

Applicants are subject to the same laws regarding conduct and conditions that preclude admission to the United Unidos .Details are available on the website name = db & docid = Cite browse_usc: +8 usc1182

What means that the assets of the investor should be legally obtain ?

The investor must demonstrate that their assets were obtained legally, therefore it must prove they come through legitimate negotiations, wages, investments, property sales, inheritances, gifts, grants, loan or otherwise legitimate.

Who should consider EB-5 program?

The EB-5 investors for are people of all types and / or styles of life: professionals, businessmen, people looking for good educational opportunities for their children or to retire.

Who can get a permanent residence?

After investing $ 500,000 in our project the investor and his / her spouse and their children under 21 years are eligible. That is, eligible for resident status (green cards) which are considered "conditional" for a period of two years. After those two years and after USCIS confirms the creation of jobs generated by investment in Steelhomes Investors. Both the principal investor and family members who have originally applied by him, are eligible for permanent residence.

What is a conditional residence status or conditional green card?

A conditional resident status or conditional green card is a residence whose validity is limited in time, that time is two years. With regard to the rights granted are all the same rights as permanent resident status. The request is made to USCIS to obtain this status is called I 526.

Who receives the permanent residency status?

Both the investor and his wife and children who have been under 21 and unmarried at the time they applied for the request of I526, when requesting the removal of the condition based on the requirement of job creation.

You must have experience in business?

The investor does not require previous experience to qualify for such status, nor required to demonstrate a minimum of education or special skills or is required to speak English. The only requirement is that your personal assets are in relatively good order.

Can money be a gift from parents or other family member and used to apply for EB 5?

Yes. However, a gift of good faith must be properly documented and reviewed the tax implications of a U.S. certified accountant.

Do i need an immigration attorney in USA to process the request of the EB-5?

The processes I-526 petition and I-829 are the responsibility of each investor. Steelhomes can recommend attorneys who have experience with both processes. While we must provide the necessary documentation for the application of the process, we can not provide legal advice. Each investor is responsible for all legal costs involved in the preparation and processing of the request for residency through the EB-5 program.

There are other costs associated with the program in addition to the initial investment of $ 500,000?

There is a cost of $ 40,000 for administrative expenses USCIS Regional Center, and to cover legal expenses involved in the subscription of the investment. This money also goes to a trust account.

Could i apply to this program, if I have been previously rejected for some other type of visa?

Not as long as there are no criminal records or health problems.

What is what causes most problems to be rejected in this type of program

Insufficient information on the origin of funds is usually what causes rejection of USCIS, people try to give as little information as possible about their capital and source thereof, and in these times of terrorism and dubious ownership of capital is recomended to give as much information as possible about the funds.

What if the request for the I-526 is denied by the USCIS?

All funds will be deposited in trust (escrow) until approval. If the request is denied, the investment of $ 500,000 is returned in full and the funds for administrative costs are also returned, but deducting the expenses already incurred at the time for syndication and subscription investment.

What is an "escrow" (Trust)

An escrow account is an account established legally in a bank ,to hold funds for initial deposits until the visa process is completed. This process has been created to protect the investor and that through our capital program will not be permitted to be delivered until the visa is not approved.

Should the investor and his family stay in USA after obtaining permanent residence?

No. A U.S. permanent resident, the investor and immediate family members, can travel freely as any American citizen.

Is my information kept confidential?

Yes, all your data is protected by multiple layers of security to ensure the integrity of the transaction.

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