Where is the investment situated?

STEELHOMES will be located in the State of Florida. In the city of Hialeah (Dade County).

How is the investment structured?

The name of the Regional Center is South Florida EB-5 Regional Center (“SFRC”). The Regional Center oversees and advises the EB-5 process, ensures compliance with USCIS regulations, manages the Limited Partnership (directly as the General Partner), and handles USCIS filing requirements (such as I-924A filings).

The developer and owner of the Prefabricated Housing Manufacturing Project will be SteelHomes, Inc. (“SteelHomes”), a Florida limited liability corporation, which will borrow investor funds from the lender, SteelHomes Investors, LP (“SHI, LP”), for job-creating purposes. SHI, LP will be comprised of its General Partner, SFRC, and each of the foreign investors as its Limited Partners, as shown in the figure below. With the proposed EB-5 investment structure, each of the foreign investors will be a Limited Partner in SHI, LP, thereby allowing the foreign investors to make a qualified investment in a “new commercial enterprise” and fulfill the requirements necessary to obtain approval for permanent residency pending the conditional two-year time period.

What is a Limited Partnership (LP)?

A limited partnership (LP) is an association of one or more general partners together with one or more limited partners to conduct business for profit as co-owners. The most important feature of a limited partnership is the limited partner enjoys limited liability as long as he or she does not participate in the control of the partnership business. The general partners of the LP are the ones who are responsible for the obligations of the limited partnership.

What are my risks?

As in any investment there is a risk of total loss. The investment is a manufacturing plant, which entails building and development of a project without a mortgage or bank financing. This lack of debt reduces the risk of total loss. That said, there remain matters beyond the promoters’ control such as acts of God, war, and market fluctuations in income and/or real estate values. All investors are encouraged to visit the property, meet with management, request documents to enable sufficient review of the investment, and be permitted to obtain independent verification of the information contained in the investment prospectus.

Must I invest the full amount of required capital ($1 million or $500,000) before you will apply for my Green Card?

Yes. Although the regulations permit escrow (trust) arrangements, other investment companies place EB-5 investors’ funds directly into the project. In this case the capital contribution may only be released to the project upon approval of EB-5 Investor Immigration petition.

How safe is my investment?

The owners have extensive experience in the operation of a manufactured plant , it is important to understand that this investment is an expansion of the company that is operating and doing business at this moment in the City of Hialeah in a 45.000 square foot warehouse facility.

What is the return on my investment?

The EB-5 investors are projected to receive an average annual return of approximately 4% during the first 5 years of operations.

How does the company distribute income?

Are there any guarantees this program will be successful?


Is the EB-5 Green Card “guaranteed” by participating in this investment program?

A Green Card cannot be “guaranteed.” However, your investment is held in an escrow (trust) account and refunded in full if your petition is denied, including allocable fees of $40,000. No one can ever guarantee the outcome of a Visa application or petition; it is solely up to USCIS to adjudicate. The key is to have a well-prepared petition by competent, legal counsel experienced in EB-5 Visa matters.

If the I-526 petition for my Green Card is denied, do you return my capital contribution ( $500,000)?

Yes, directly from the bank escrow (trust) account within 30 days, including allocable fees of $40,000.

How extensive is the paperwork/application process? Will I receive help?

You will be provided with an EB-5 Document Binder that will include a detailed schedule of requirements and list of documents. In addition, our team will guide you throughout the entire application process.

What is the total cost of the administration fees?

The administration fees are $40,000

Under the SteelHomes investment agreement, if the capital is not return prior to the end of the initial holding period, would investors receive ownership or shares of the company?


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