The housing units are based on a panel system of Structural Galvanized Steel and Fire Proof Foam and covered with two other panels called “Aceromax" is a technology developed by SteelHomes. The panels use stop fire foam which gives the panels a better thermal insulation rating.

This structure forms a sandwich panel that is used to construct both the exterior walls and interior partitions. The panels are installed in steel tracks bolted to either a concrete slab or steel plate. The layout of the tracks is determined by the floor plan design selected by the customer. The windows and metal doors (PVC, aluminum or other) are set into the wall panels as determined by the floor plan. The roof structure is manufactured of lightweight steel sandwich panels attached to steel truss members on the top of the walls. The outer roof covering is made of steel roofing tiles.

Building Components
  • EcoWall Panel: Wall Panels of 112 mm (~4.4 inches) covered with an external layer of Aceromax boards to give more protection to the steel and stop fire foam in the center.
    *Note: All Steel is Hot Dipped Galvanized and guaranteed for 50 years.
  • Ceiling panels: These are 75 mm sandwich panels with a 0.35 mm steel outer layer, treated with refractory paint for durability and covered with “Aceromax” Natural material.
  • Doors: Interior Doors have WPVC frames, and hinges, Exterior doors have Steel Frames and have options for decorative panels.
  • Windows: WPVC windows can be hung or swing type.
  • Kitchen Cabinets: Either Italian Type PVC coated or laminated with decorative Formica; imitating granite and includes a stainless steel sink.
  • Electrical: Buildings will be prewired for 110V - 60Hz and include all electrical duplex outlets, lighting, switches and circuit breaker panel.


Structural Steel Framing Machine
This equipment is used to roll-form the steel studs (“C” Channel), “U” channels used to form the upper and lower tracks that hold and support the wall panels, and a Punch to make the holes in the studs for plumbing and electrical wiring. This equipment also contains a Shear to cut the roll-formed components to the desired length.

Window Machine
Windows: WPVC windows can be hung or swing type.

Sandwich Panel Machine Sandwich Panel manufacturing tooling required:

  1. Sandwich panel machine ZCG-9
  2. Automatic feeding system for EPS panel
  3. Double layer roof panel machine
  4. Glazed steel tile forming machine
  5. Batch Pre-expander JF-1600C
  6. Vacuum Block Molding Machine
  7. Block Vertical Cutting Machine QGL-6000
  8. Recycling System HS-C
  9. Steam Relief Valve
  10. Steam Storage Tank V=20m3
  11. Air-Compressor screw N=6.0 m3/min
  12. Air-Compress Tank V=6m3
  13. Cooling Pump F=60m3/h H=30m
  14. Cooling Tower Capacity=100m3/h
  15. Fans
  16. Hopper for block machine
  17. Accumulator Silos
  18. Boiler Capacity=2000kg/h

Cabinet Manufacturing Production Equipment

Panel Saw:
The panel saw is a programmable saw used to cut individual parts of the cabinet from a larger piece of stock material, typically full 4’X8’ sheets.

CNC Router (Computer Numerical Control):
Parts of a project can be designed in the computer with a CAD/CAM program, and then cut automatically using a router to produce a finished part.

PVC Membrane Press Machine
This equipment is used to laminate doors, kitchen and furniture facades, different furniture units with PVC films and veneer, with the help of heat and vacuum system.

Self-Piercing Riveting Equipment:
Unlike conventional riveting, the Phoenix system does not use a pre-drilled or punched hole!

The rivet is driven into the material stack at a controlled force - piercing the top layer(s) and flaring into the bottom layer - to form a strong, secure joint. Other advantages of Phoenix Rivet system:
  • Rivets are supplied in a plastic belt and packaged on spools or in cassettes – assuring the efficient use of rivets, accurate batch traceability, and the elimination of manual handling of loose fasteners.
  • Riveting tools are powered and controlled by a standalone, automatic, closed loop hydraulic system - assuraccurateinsertion force from rivet to rivet and simple single push button cycle actuation

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